The professional System Engineering team

It sends it to true Japanese spirit global from Osaka.
An ubiquitous information society is promoted.
SE will undertake and develop control/internal programs, such as information communicators and digital equipments.

I@ Undertaking and development of control/internal software

@™ smart phone(Android)
@™ electronic dictionary
@™ printer
@™ car navigation and car audio player
@™ digital camera
@™ DVD, HD recorder
@™ micro computer
@™ car controlling system etc

@@Our features
We participate projects of our friendly major companies.
You can take the leadership, and lead the company to success.

II @Development and marketing of PC solution/system
@@FUKUZAISHIN software series

@™ Japan's first US GAAP conversion tool
@™ JAPAN GAAP conversion tool
@™"Dream Accounting Mini Total System" (system of
@@accounting, marketing, purchasing, and inventory)
@™ A world's first circular stock prices predicting chart

‡V Consultation of business system

I will propose the business model of the IT use to remain as the company continues by an ubiquitous information society of the 21st century. Valuable information is speedily offered for the decision making of Top Management of the company, and the information system of the company to improve the productivity of all employees is planned and, in addition, constructed. Our company constructs, introduces the global management strategy planning system and the business model who becomes the strongest arms of your company to solve the problem of the reality adequately, reaches the objective in addition, and instructs in the succeeding secret.

Summary of system

- With the practice method A corporate data base is extracted
@from the reality to which always changes, and the current
@state is analyzed.
- Sales price management
- Purchase control
- Manufacturing and cost accounting management
- Cash Flow of a long term and short-term working capital
- Profit management
- Asset management(inventory turnover, fixed assets, and software, etc.)
- Management strategy planning system
- External information (market trend and country risk, etc.) management
- Succeeding secret (method based on psychiatry department study and social psychology) etc.

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